Rodney Napier – and The Granted Wish Foundation Drive Adoption Process for Orphan Amputee

Rodney Napier - and The Granted Wish Foundation Drive Adoption Process for Orphan AmputeeRodney Napier - and The Granted Wish Foundation Drive Adoption Process for Orphan Amputee
Rodney Napier - and The Granted Wish Foundation Drive Adoption Process for Orphan Amputee

Rodney Napier – and The Granted Wish Foundation Drive Adoption Process for Orphan Amputee

CANTON, OHIO – The Granted Wish Foundation and its founder, Rodney Napier, are pleased to announce the approval of the Haitian Government for the completion of the complex process of relocating an amputee orphan named Wisbens to the United States. A loving American family is adopting the 13-year old child, who will be living with them in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It is a heartwarming story of hope on a personal level. At the age of eight Wisbens was trapped under a collapsed wall during the devastating 2010 Haiti earthquake and lost his leg. Similar to other Haitian children who are physically disabled either by birth or due to an accident, Wisbens was abandoned by his family and now lives in an orphanage. But luckily, Napier, a visiting aid worker, found Wisbens and set out to unite him with a loving U.S. family.

Rodney Napier arrived in Port-au-Prince, Haiti within five days of the earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010. Napier provided emergency medical vehicles and equipment and built an entirely new home for a mother left as a double-amputee due to injuries from the quake. Napier met Wisbens while working with and orphanage doing needed repairs and implementing the emergency evacuation of children with life-threatening illnesses. Incidentally, Todd Hazel from Bowling Green, Kentucky was doing mission work in the country. He arrived at the orphanage and was charmed by the young, resilient boy, Wisbens. He instantly fell in love as did his family – wife Jennifer and young son, Maddox. The Hazel family wanted to do everything possible to help him find a better life and reached out for help to adopt Wisbens. As fate would have it, the Hazel’s and Granted Wish were brought together and the adoption process began. Along with five years of support and assistance from The Granted Wish Foundation, Wisbens’ life has about to become more than anyone might have dreamt for him before.

“This is certainly one of our proudest moments in the ten-year history of The Granted Wish Foundation,” said Founder and Chairman Rodney Napier. “We’re especially happy, grateful, and appreciative of the Hazel family who fell in love with Wisbens and set out to adopt and bring him home to Kentucky to live with his wonderful new family.” Both parties demonstrated unrelenting optimism through the immigration process, which is daunting and sometimes discouraging.

Founded by Rodney Napier in 2005, The Granted Wish Foundation grants wishes to physically challenged children and young adults. Based in North Canton, Ohio, The Granted Wish Foundation is a registered nonprofit with the State of Ohio, as well as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and a BBB Accredited Charity. Over 500 wishes have been granted. Mr. Napier is also chairman of Arthur Middleton Capital Holdings, a diverse family of ventures. Napier also heads Universal Physicians LLC, Lincoln Treasury, and NOD Real Estate LLC/Napier Florida Development, LLC.

To help The Granted Wish Foundation grow and grant more wishes, sponsorship opportunities are available so that other businesses can get involved. Businesses can learn more about getting involved by visiting The Granted Wish Foundation at

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